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Agility Mental Prep is a Facebook group created in 2018 for agility  competitors around the world to share thoughts, struggles and ideas  with other members and have a platform for advice, support and inspiration.

The group consists currently of over 1000 member from over 20 countries across the globe and was originally inspired by Dr Katherine  McAleese (@MindToWin). It has many resources and links for things like book recommendations, useful podcasts and online articles. There are often live videos for group members featuring well known agility competitors including Dave Munnings, Naraah Cuddy and Team GB coach Mark Laker as  well as videos from Dianne P Ford and warm-ups from Chris Kerton of Karma Fitness.

Run by Admins, group members have a chance to ask questions before the live videos which are answered during it.   Alongside agility there have been interviews with mental health professionals and regular updates and advice from Stacey Weeks from Control Precision Flow.

Members of the group share everything from agility success, questions, and advice to personal struggles.  They can both give and receive support in a safe space.  Positive quote posts and inspirational resources help members discover the best ways in which to improve their mental strength.

Agility Mental Prep is open to anyone who wishes to access the  resources and become a member. There is regular communication between Admins and members and there are new posts every day.  Any ideas for the group and how people would like to use the space are always welcome.  Training plan ideas, interactive workshops and useful agility  apps/websites are always welcome and shared alongside recommended training providers, training venues and course plans.

The group has a topics section where you can find files easily on mindfulness, mental toughness, goal settings, book recommendations and fitness with new additions all the time.  The group is run alongside the page Agility for Mental Health and is  hoping to expand in the next few months and organise some events to run alongside other agility organisations, so watch this space!

Editor’s Note. Many years ago I heard someone say that all sports are ‘shame-based’ and that really resonated with me as someone who was made to feel ashamed of who I was growing up. This is a great article that looks at shame and competitive sports.

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