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IMCA & PAWC 2018

A Daily Diary by Mike Bendell


Day Four

Well that’s it for IMCA & PAWC 2018. My first experience of this competition and being the host nation meant that I got to see it both from a competitors perspective and as that of someone behind the scenes helping. I now have a better idea of how much hard work goes into the running of an epic event such as this and how often it relies on the tireless work of what is quite often only a small number of hardworking people. Well done to all of you unsung heroes you were amazing.

As for the final day of competition well, despite the weather outside being awful, the PAWC and the IMCA final runs were fantastic with the UK PAWC competitors on the podium for most of the categories. The IMCA UK success came in the Large category with the amazing Lucie Hinchley and Piixie taking the Agility Gold and the overall first place and with Jenny Kimber producing a great agility run to move her up to third place overall, we had two UK competitors on the podium. Finally to ad

d sprinkles to the already cream-covered cake the UK Team won the overall competition. What a great success PAWC & IMCA 2018 was. Well done Team UK.

Day Three

The second day of competition at IMCA & PAWC 2018 and what a long day it was.  This morning started with the IMCA Teams Jumping. The best three scores from the four dogs running in each team are used to determine the winner, so one team member getting eliminated isn’t a disaster if their teammates get good runs. 

Once again there were different courses for each height and again the competition was closely fought.  All three UK Teams did a great job with the Small and the Large finishing third and the medium team picking up second place. So all right in contention for the evening agility runs. 

The afternoon saw the para competitors in their agility runs and another emotional and exciting competition with 82 competitors of all levels of disability. The UK were on top form and managed to take top spot in five of the six categories. The British National Anthem was virtually played on a loop and the crowd really found its voice. 

The evening’s entertainment was the team agility. The Medium UK team managed another second place and look certain to pick up a place in

the overall competition when it is presented tomorrow. The Large team came fourth and are hopeful that they too will make the podium tomorrow. The Small team finished out of the placings but again are keeping their fingers crossed for tomorrow’s overall results. 

Well it’s been a very long day and I have moved more agility equipment than I usually do in a year, but what a great day for the UK. I’m looking forw

ard to getting back on the carpet with Spy tomorrow and a spot on the podium would be amazing, but first I need food and sleep.

Day Two

The first day of competition at IMCA & PAWC 2018 and what an awe inspiring, emotion invoking and exciting day it was. It was the Individual Jumping runs today for both the able-bodied and para-agility competitors and the judges did a fantastic job of setting fast, flo

wing and challenging courses at every height. The para-agility handlers all ran the same course, but were under different categories dependant on their level of disability. Some of the runs had most of the ring party and the judge in tears having watched the effort that competitors had to put in to complete the course.

There were different courses for the Small, Medium and Large IMCA competitors but they all led to very exciting and closely contested runs. Spy and I ran 58th out of 61 large dogs and I was really pleased to get a clear round and finish in 7th place which puts us in contention for the Large championship with the agility run to come on Sunday. Massive congratulations to all the competitors today. Not only the ones who got clear rounds or were placed, but to everyone who overcame all kinds of obstacles and

competed in this truly inclusive competition. Here are some pictures from today and Spy’s run.

Lots of great placings for Team UK.  Unfortunately neither the results are online yet, and neither is the live-streaming.  I will do my best to find out the names of our winners and update in due course.  If any of you can identify them, please drop me a message (Everything Agility).

Individual Jumping Large

Lucie Hinchley and Pixxie with their 2nd place trophy.  Their super run below.

A 3rd for Hayley Telling and Teal.


Another 1st for Team UK!

 Gold for Julie Thomson and Dodge. Silver for Julie and Nancy. Bronze for Trixie Gillard and Saffie


A 3rd for Team UK.

Above, Mike and his dog Spy tackle the course.

A win for Milie Roberts

Day One

Day one of IMCA & PAWC 2018 is drawing to a close. Many of the competitors are at this evening’s gala dinner and looking forward to competition starting tomorrow. For UK team members, today was spent supporting the organisers as much as possible by helping with the vet checks and checking in of all competitors, dismantling the training courses in readiness for the opening ceremony and finally helping to set the course up for tomorrow’s first runs.

We did get team training today so for a lot of us it was a great opportunity to run our dogs on artificial grass for the first time. As always these practice sessions are a bit manic, but it was great to get a feel for the surface and the arena.

The afternoon was all about the closing ceremony. Everybody amassed on the road outside the arena and parades wrapped in flags of their nation. Some speeches and a demonstration of Support Dogs and a noisy welcome for two people dressed in a giant dog costume and then the competition was declared open. Looking forward to watching and competing tomorrow.



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