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RVA Champ Final Report

Small and Medium Champ judged by Mr Alan Mitchell

Judge’s Report

I was invited to judge Small and Medium Championship for RVA’s first Championship show at Just Dogs Live held at Peterborough Showground. Because of a clash of shows, RVA had to run their Championship on the Friday, which made for a smaller entry than normally expected, but there were still 67 in Small and 85 in Medium so respectable enough numbers to create an exciting competition.

The morning’s agility round started with the weather being kind and shady but the ground had suffered from a lack of rain over the last few weeks and was very hard and patchy. My course was flowing but also required some handling skills.

I originally planned to have number three at the back of the finish jump 20 but then realised that this might disturb the timing gates at the beginning of the event so I decided to change it and put it at the back of number 19.  I was pleased with how this was handled. A few tended to overwork the weave getting refusal but with 21 Small and 29 Medium clears I was pleased with how handlers tackled the course, with Emma Gamble taking first place for the Mediums and Lauren Langman for the Smalls.

By the time we started the jumping round the sun was out in its full glory and it was very hot. My intention was to have a fast, flowing, workable course.  There was a combination of jumps in the middle of the course that required the handler to be in the right place or it could all go wrong!

I was not disappointed.  It was nice to watch the way the course ran and the handling skills employed.  The load of clear rounds reflected that and the honours went to Harriet Harding for Medium and Ashleigh Butler for Small.

We decided to set the final course up in a different ring where the ground was much better which was especially important as the same course was going to be used by all heights. We set a course that had a technical working section at the beginning then gradually working towards a fast, flowing finish.

A few handlers had a problem in the weaves, pulling the dogs out too early because the next obstacle was a tunnel, but apart from that just the odd unlucky fault. Ashleigh Butler and Sully won the Small Champ with Lauren Langman and Blink taking the reserve.   Medium winner was Harriet Harding and having a great championship. Penny Butler with Eliza was runner-up. Congratulations to RVA for a great show and running your first Championship event.  I hope you have many more.

Blink taking reserve ticket against super competition – she gives all of her heart ❤️

Posted by Devongem BCollies & Wockers on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Above video showing how Lauren and Blink won the RCC on Alan’s Champ Final course.

Medium Champ Final Results

Pos Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Harriet Harding Little Miss Izz 0 36.220
2 Penny Butler Eliza Doolots of Ashpen 0 37.519
3 Blyth Fox Devongem Golden Moment 0 37.628
4 Sian Illingworth Arnpriors Made of Honour 5 36.329
5 Christine Hicks Uphill Flyer 5 39.144
6 Dani Smillie La Folie Douce 5 39.874
7 Sally Grant Labbronaby Pixelled Pip 5 40.124
8 Rebecca Colley Debut Doodle Daydream AW 5 42.123
9 Nick Cirket Madame Ballerina 5 46.441
10 Freda Wallace Meisterwerk Tika AWD 5 48.698

All remaining competitors were eliminated

A great day for the Butler family with Penny and her dog Eliza taking RCC in Medium Champ and daughter Ashleigh with Sully winning Small Champ and gaining their 8th CC!

Small Champ Final Results

Pos Handler Dog Time Faults
1 Ashleigh Butler Ag Ch The Closet Monster of Ashpen 0 35.491
2 Lauren Langman Ag Ch Samsir Blinkin Brilliant at Devongem 0 35.860
3 Claire Burrell Ag Ch Daimonic Expelliarmus 0 37.234
4 Alan Bray Devongem Fire Starter at Upanovatiger 0 37.892
5 Sam Lane Hillsidejemz Evil Genius 0 38.873
6 Hayley Tindall Tindall’s Usselby Princess 0 41.561
7 Mandy-Su Sarti Stonebridge Dashing Diva 0 41.775
8 Roz Quail Licosateria Colour Me 0 42.894
9 Julia Durrant We Are Running Out of Time 0 49.020
10 Penelope Lowes Totanium Penny Black 5 40.534
11 Julie Ashton Eventide Ziva 5 40.578
12 Karen Hugo Willowthorn’s All That Jazz AWD 5 44.425
13 Jan Smith Buddy Big Ears 5 45.892
14 Roz Quail Licosateria Sunshine 5 47.282
15 Melissa Isaacs Battersea’s Buzzing Fuzz 5 49.220
16 Tiggy Stilgoe Danica Valentina 5 49.546
17 Donna Hathaway Chiltern’s Dillie Snowdrop AWG 7.281 57.281
18 Rachel Ward Pretty Dear 10 44.269

All remaining competitors were eliminated

Large Champ judged by Mr Mike Hallam


Pos Handler Dog Time Faults
1 Jo Gleed Lookylooky Ready or Not 0 35.420
2 Sian Illingworth Ferdi’s Mirror Image 0 35.546
3 Nick Cirket Kaylies Adrenalin Rush 0 36.659
4 Julie Andrews Taliswood Totally Charmed 0 37.562
5 Karen Marriott Petnat a Touch Puzzling 5 37.257
6 Steven Seale Devongem Try Fleck 5 37.408
7 Louise Challis Louandi Island Storm 5 38.015
8 Rachel Williams Rull’s Red Finch AWG 5 39.917
9 Helen Anderson Delanor Dark Agent 5 42.462
10 Allison Wright Zing Along Zak 10 38.229

All remaining competitors were eliminated

Mike’s Preliminary Round Course Plans


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