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Woodside Champ Final Report

Woodside DAC Championship Finals
5 May, 2018

Course plan for all finals designed by Mr Nick Robson.

Large Champ judged by Ms Jen Lewis
Course Time 53 seconds.  Length 157m.

Pos Handler Dog Time Faults
1 Martin Reid Ag. Ch Borderpaws Secret Surprise C 37.383
2 Jennifer Hart Blackharts Royal Dezire C 38.766
3 Mark Watson Breewhych Rock My World C 39.598
4 Carol-Anne Duthie Incanto In It Tugether C 40.307
5 Jane Seller Rosmarinus Blackthorn C 40.347
6 Cecile Spring Pirrelli Black Ice C 48.104
7 Euan Paterson Devongem Quick Time 5 36.232
8 Eleanor Laing-Kay Breewhych Rocks Arrowman 5 39.008
9 Katrina Hands Red Rose Dreamer 5 39.403
10 Connor Harley Kip Kip Hooray AW(P) 5 45.578

Medium Champ Final judged by Mr Nick Robson
Course time 57 seconds. Length 186m.

Pos Handler Dog Time Faults
1 Pamela Wightman Kenquince Magnolia C 41.436
2 Nigel Staines AG CH Morgans Dark Destroyer AW(G) C 42.609
3 Gemma Walchester Hidensika Little Miss Chaos C 43.558
4 Rhiannon Thomas Channerswick Kryptonite C 43.740
5 Richard Inglesfield Morgans Dark Legend C 44.363
6 Michelle Henderson Hotspot Trickster C 44.398
7 Hannah Banks Basileas Little Bing 5 37.570
8 Linda Cummings Ag Ch Urban Moonlight Noworries 5 45.052
9 Keith Taylor Macs Muck 5 46.163
10 Linda McBride Druridge Summer Snowball 15 49.380

Small Champ Final judged by Mr Nick Robson
Course time 58 seconds.  Length 186m.

Agility Champion Basileas Hear Me Roar

Pos Handler Dog Time Faults
1 Toni Dawkins Basileas Hear Me Roar C 38.600
2 Clive Foden Ag Ch Mohnesee’s Miss Chief AW(G) C 45.357
3 Derek Elms Calderwood Cheeky Cherub C 46.506
4 Megan Watson Princess Coppertop AW(S) 0.685 58.685
5 Lou Cadman Ag Ch Another Mad Moment 5 41.287
6 Mark Bruce Ag Ch Sindy Of Erskine 5 43.540
7 Michelle Henderson Grayco Hotspot 10 56.903

Large Champ Jumping Course Plan

Large Champ Agility Course Plan







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