Wyre 2019 Champ Final

Medium Championship judged by Ms Tricia Elms
Course Length: 152.  Course Time: 45

Wyre Small and Medium Champ Jumping Round
Small and Medium Champ Agility Round
Small and Medium Champ Final

Medium Champ Final Winners

Pos Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Lauren Burns The Harlequin Fox C 33.19 6
2 Lian Knight Licosateria Mai Rising Son C 35.754
3 Sue Cooper Ag.Ch. Blackthorns Speedy Mitzi AW(G) C 35.895
4 Gemma Walchester Hidensika Little Miss Chaos C 38.127
5 Anastasia Morphet Loulou of Blackmangate C 40.295
6 Liz Finchett Lowenlands Rebel C 42.628

Small Championship Final judged by Ms Tricia Elms
Course Length: 152.  Course Time: 45

Small Champ Final Winners

Daughter Selena and dad Alan take the Ticket and RCC with their fantastic Devongem Wockers. Pictured above with judge Tricia Elms.
Place Handler Dog Faults Time  
1 Selena Bray Devongem Absolute Steel C 34.158
2 Alan Bray Devongem Fire Starter at Upanovatigers C 35.307
3 Donna Kerse Ag Ch Kayla Kasprowicz Lil’ Sister C 35.691
4 Angela Madigan Only Juan Don C 35.808
5 Sarah McLean Milo’d of Mischief C 35.859
6 Katrina Hands Minxin It Up C 37.635
7 Emma Pullan Blundas April C 37.702
8 Graham Turner Krystal-Twister v.d. blessewichof Engalah C 39.323
9 Mike Hallam Sirensong Bedazzled C 40.895
10 Clive Foden Ag Ch Mohnesee’s Miss Chief AW(G) C 41.134
11 Samantha Lord Ch Nixtev Phoenix C 44.995

Large Championship judged by Mr Martin Cavill
Course Length: 150.  Course Time: 43

Large Champ Jumping Round
Large Champ Agility Round
Large Champ Final

Large Champ Final Winners

Steven Richardson, CC and Lauren Langman RCC, pictured with judge Martin Cavill.

Large Championship Winners

Place Handler Dog Faults Time
1 Steven Richardson MorgansR Digital Demon C 31.830  
2 Lauren Langman Darleyfalls Bright Day At Devongem C 31.853  
3 Marita Davies Lalapaws Taken By Surprise C 31.920  
4 Naarah Cuddy Lilhaze Dark Pleasure C 32.375  
5 Nicola Wildman Devongem Freekin Awesome C 32.393  

CSJ is proud to be the sponsor of Steven Richardson whose win at Wyre makes his dog Digit an Agility Champion. Many congratulations!

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